Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting Out: knitcroblo1

My first introduction to knitting was probably a cunning plan of my mum's, who, when we were age 6 or 7, gave my sisters and I a toilet paper roll, four lollipop sticks and a ball of yarn and we were shown how to french knit.

Knitting Nancy - or Snake Maker

I believe they are called Knitting Nancy's - we just called them Snake Makers - because we ended up with yards and yards of tubing that looked like snakes. It really was a pointless project as there wasn't much we could do with the final product - but it entertained us for hours - if not days - trying to compete with my sisters to see how long we could make our snakes !! A very clever idea of my mums - as it kept us out her hair for days !!

Said SNAKE !!

It was several years later that I actually learnt to knit with needles. I dabbled a little with it in my teens but never really finished any projects - easily distracted. In my twenties I decided to rekindle my knitting relationship and decided to knit a turquoise scarf - easy first project I thought - my mum patiently showed me the main techniques - and I headed back to Uni with knitting in tow !! The Royal Mail was kept in business that year, as almost weekly I sent my knitting back to my mum to correct dropped stitches. She would send it back, fixed and about 10 cms longer - at one point I sat on my needle and broke it in half - that time the knitting was sent back on chop sticks!!! Thank goodness for MUM !!! After that knitting attempt - which took several months to finish - knitting and I took a little break!

My wonderful mumma - knitting away last summer,

but being somewhat distracted by the delicious Url !!

When I started spending winters in the snow after Uni - I was reacquainted with knitting and tried making hats. This actually worked out super well - I think it was because they were pretty quick knits. After making several for myself - I started knitting for my friends too - the rest is history. Today I make around 70 hats a year!!! I love it. I think knitting and I will be hanging out for many years to come !!!

One of the first hats I made - Hot Pink!

With my friend Emma on the chair lift in Whistler!


  1. I've never tried french knitting but the idea of the toilet roll and pencils sounds like an innovative way of doing it :)

  2. That is a LOT of hats!

  3. 70? Wowzers, that's a lot!
    I think I had a plastic version of your Knitting Nancy when I was little, but I had no idea how to use it!
    I just had a look around your etsy shop - very inspiring. I wouldn't usually choose such bright colours, but you might have prompted me to broaden my thinking. :)

  4. Made a few "snakes" myself, back in the day. Had a plastic mushroom with 4 small nails on the top. Love the picture of your Mum and Url.
    Am thinking of taking knitting lesson to get back into it later this year.

  5. Sue - you should certainly take some knitting lessons - maybe if we have some time in June, mum and I can give you a little lesson - mum is a very patient teacher !!!!!

    JB - Thanks for looking at the Etsy shop - I'm surrounded by skiers and snowboarders all winter - and it seems the brighter the better this year !!! You should certainly grab some neon yarn and get knitting !!! :->

  6. This was a delight to read! You have a great sense of humor. My snakemaker when I grew up didn't have a name. My grandpa pounded five nails into a wooden spool with a widened center, and I made snakes just like you, hours on end! Thanks for the memory of something I'd totally forgotten!

  7. I like your blog, miss hels! I too was a Knitting Nancy field back in the day. long...long...long...entertained. knit, girlie, knit!