Friday, April 30, 2010

Location, Location, Location: knitcroblo5

Yellowstone NP, taking a wee break from knitting, watching Chris fly-fishing!
I don't have a specific spot or place where I always knit - I pretty much take my knitting most places (in my awesome Cath Kidston knitting bag), and if I have a free few minutes and feel so inclined, I'll pick up the sticks and do a few rows. I really don't like to waste time, so if I can be productive with my down time, then thats always a bonus!! The most memorable places I've knitted are - Yellowstone National Park, sat watching Chris fish. It really was an idyllic spot, and a pretty relaxing experience. I was a little worried a bear might stumble upon us, or a big old buffalo. Fortunately neither creature decided to visit that day !! I've also been known on occassion to bring my knitting to the Sports Bar in Vail, on a Football Sunday, and sit and knit while Chris cheered on the Chicago Bears - I'll admit I got a few odd glances, but I have absolutely no interest in American Football and didn't want to waste 4 hours watching it !!! So my philosophy for knitting is anytime, anyplace !!

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