Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moose or Reindeer?

The first thing I noticed about the US Olympic team as they entered BC Place during the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver, were there wonderful hats - and then I spotted their horrendous turtleneck jumpers !! Fortunately my attention went back to the hat. Hat envy took over. The idea of making said hat was inconceivable. Now don't get me wrong..... I knit a lot of hats, but hats with moose on them (or are they reindeer??) - was very much outside my scope of practice !!!

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I met a very lovely lady at the PT clinic where I work, who was extremely keen to find a pattern for the TEAM USA hat. A couple of clicks on Ravelry later and I stumbled across this amazing pattern by Helena Bristow. So delighted in the pattern, (and maybe my PT treatment ??) - she generously gave me the yarn needed for the hat as a gift, and said I should give it a go !!!!

So after a little visit to the Yarn Studio, and Cathy's marvellous tuition, I learned the fairisle/stranding method of knitting and my Olympic hat is now very much underway..............

I'm using Lambs Pride Worsted Navy Sailor and White Frost Yarn

Just about to start the moose/reindeer - so excited about how its turning out!

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