Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Inspirational Pattern: knitcroblo2

Over the last year I feel I have challenged myself in my knitting projects. From just making hats and scarfs a year ago, I now have bags, cowls, a kicking bag for my beautiful niece Flo, and handwarmers in my repertoire. I've also tried my hand at colourwork, cabling and felting, and attempted to design some of my own hats. So what next .................

Well - I aspire to make a Cardigan for myself - and as I live in a ski town, I'm thinking a Ski Cardi !! This would allow me to practice my colourwork on a bigger scale and give me a great toasty piece of clothing to wear at the end of it.

The Ski Cardi I want to make - unfortunately I need to find a pattern for it!!

It would be the most ambitious undertaking in my knitting career thus far - and I'm sure it would take a ridiculous amount of time, tears and stress - but at some point in the next few years - a hand-knitted ski cardi will be perhced upon my shoulders and be the envy of all the other ski chicks in town!!!

Unfortunately the pattern for this desired cardi is still undiscovered. However while I was searching for it - I did stumble across this EPIC pattern. A His and Her matching ski jumper and cardi combo. I'm sure Chris and I would look adorable in these - I can see the Christmas card picture already !!!

His and her ski jumper and cardi!

(If anyone knows of any great Ski Cardi patterns - I would love to hear about them please !!)


  1. I really love that first picture! That is a great sweater.

  2. Yes I love the first one too - I wish I could find a pattern for it !!! The second picture is hilarious !!!!!!!