Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My beautiful niece Florence Grace Bellairs was born on December 3rd 2009 !!!! I was lucky enough to spend her first Christmas with her in the UK, and it really was the best Christmas in a very long time !!!

Flo in her festive Christmas outfit with Auntie Hels

I decided the birth of my very first niece was a great excuse to knit a really awesome baby outfit and perhaps follow a complicated knitting pattern for the first time too !!!!!! I found an adorable pattern in Pipsqueak Knits. This wonderful 'Sleepy time - sleep sac' pattern looked great. Ideal for little Flo to kick her legs around in, whilst still keeping nice and snug in her very own sleeping bag.

This is how it looked in the book

.........and this is the finished product with Flo looking delicious !!

The knifty knitter hat, which I also made, kept her lovely little noggin warm - albeit with a bobble that I might even have to agree was a little too big !!!!!

So darn cute it almost makes me want to have one - and then I remember my poor sister being a sleep deprived, 24 hour milk bar, with those poor swollen ankles............and I'm swiftly reminded that there REALLY is plenty of time for all that !!!!!!!

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