Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dropping Stitches

I learnt a new stitch - and I am very excited by how it looks. Its called a 'drop stitch'.

Combining the drop stitch with a garter stitch formed this toasty tube scarf !!

Its super easy to do - knit each stitch as normal, but instead of wrapping the wool around the needle once, wrap it 3 times. Repeat on all the stitches across the row. On the next row, knit each stitch, dropping the extra wrap off the needle as you complete the stitch.

To make the tube scarf as seen, I used size 15 mm straight needles (US 19), garter stitch for 8 rows and then one row of drop stitch, repeating this sequence until in was long enough to wrap around my neck twice. I then cast off using the 'three needle bind off technique'. Dropping stitches has never been so fun !!

Wear it long or wear it wrapped multiple times around your neck to keep you extra snug !!!

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