Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knit yourself to good health !!

Who would have thought knitting would get so much good press and be so good for you? Interestingly I just stumbled across not one but two articles published by the BBC about how knitting is good for your health.

The first article claims knitting can delay memory loss, and reduce the risk of memory impairment by 40%. While the second article talks about how knitting relieves the stresses of modern life and how the repetitive action can create a trance like state which creates general relaxation and helps to reduce stress. So all this knitting not only makes me happy and relaxed, but also is stopping me from losing my marbles. Fantastic!

It is actually really interesting to read this because I cannot agree more with the second article and just hope the first one is correct. I would say knitting is like meditation but for someone who has a little ADHD. I couldn't possible sit still, meditating and humming to myself - I have too many things whirling around in my head - but with knitting, if I am counting stitches and repeating patterns I do get into a relaxed state and can empty my head of all the whirlyness !!! (not sure thats a word - but you know what I mean !!). Furthermore the joy of having made something from nothing is so delighting, that I'm sure the happy hormones are in over drive. So what are you waiting for - grab your needles and a delicious ball of scrummy wool and knit yourself to good health !!!

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