Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hats are a necessity, not a fashion accessory !!

This is my first blog - the inspiration for which comes from the view I have outside my window. I can just see at the top of Vail mountain - glistening white snow, covering the big old fir trees - if only it were 3-4 degrees cooler down here. Snow galore. Not to be just yet - but in less than a month the ski lifts will be turning once again and summer will be all but a memory. I love the winter - the reasons being:
  • I get to snowboard
  • All my winter friends return from there summer dwellings (that makes them sound like hippos !!)
  • The crisp mountain air - there is nothing better than stepping outside the house in the morning and being abruptly refreshed by the delicious crisp air (a little advise though - don't breath through your nose cause your nose hairs will freeze !!!)
  • I get to wear all my new pro-formed gear !! thank you Burton, Bonfire ......
  • Shrimp mo boys and banana pudding for lunch or apres and $3 PBR's -
  • West Vail trees - that magical place !!
  • Pizza sundays at Matty J's
  • Hats are a necessity not a fashion accessory - so I get to wear them everyday !!!!!!

That being said I've been busily designing a new ear flap hat. Made with super chunky wool, which equals a super speedy knit. White like the snow at the top of the mountain. Really happy with the result and think its my new favorite hat. I heart WINTER !!!!!

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